BSc Honours in Sports Science and Coaching
MSc in Sports Science and Coaching
MPhil in Sports Science and Coaching

Potential Future Niche Areas

  • Inter-university collaboration in teaching and research.
  • Development of an Institute of Sport Science to service and enhance Sports Science in Zimbabwe.
  • Consultation in the Development of Sport and Recreation Education Centres.
  • The scientific testing of national athletes
  • The development of Sport Management Manuals for sport organizations.
  • The development of sport based subjects at Primary schools, Secondary schools and other interested tertiary institutions.
  • Presentation of short courses through the Centre of Continuing Education.
  • Offer Block Release Degree Programmes

Sports Science and Coaching

Sports Science contributes significantly to the enhancement of sports performance and holistic development of people.Sport, whether at a recreational, competitive or administrative level, provides a significant learning experience promoting awareness of a healthy life-style, fostering leadership and organizational skills, building positive character traits and creating opportunities to excel.The development of sport in Zimbabwe should be informed by a clear commitment to transforming sport at all levels and in all sporting disciplines through a scientific approach. A comprehensive sport sciences service needs to be backed up by an effective broad-based participation programme that should have close ties with the community in which it operates. This is bound to promote capacity building and the empowerment of sports people and bodies throughout Zimbabwe.The BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and Coaching Undergraduate is offered. The programme is designed to provide students with in depth knowledge and understanding of Sport and Exercise Sciences.The department offers opportunities for study and research in various sporting disciplines and the disciplinary sciences which form the basis for training methods, training management, coaching strategies and performance improvement


The department of Sports Science and Coaching envisions becoming a centre of excellence in the delivery of innovative education, training, service and research that is appropriate to the needs of Zimbabwe and the whole world.


The department of Sports Science and Coaching aims to produce innovative and enterprising graduates with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to adequately contribute to both general and elite sporting needs of the country.In addition the department’s programmes are designed to enhance the lifelong learning skills of the learner for continuous research and development integrating existing and emerging technologies.


To provide a high level of intellectual challenge through the study of biomechanical, physiological, psychological;sports and exercise applications and research dimensions of sport and exercise sciences.

  • To apply scientific methods and techniques to the study of sport and exercise sciences.
  • To equip students to work independently and as part of a team to examine theoretical and practical issues in sport and exercise sciences.
  • To help the student critically evaluate coaching and training requirements in relation to exercise and human performance
  • To prepare graduates to undertake, lead and develop sport and exercise sciences and related areas.
  • To promote the advancement of teaching and research in sports within the academic environment and the sporting industry
  • To promote the growth and the application of the highest quality research and professional application of sports science in health promotion, disease prevention, rehabilitation and sports fitness training.
  • To promote the exchange of scientific information between the department other institutions and organizations with an interest in sports.
  • To be a dynamic and action- oriented institution for solutions related to sports science and coaching.

Future after Graduation:

Graduates from this programme are equipped to provide leadership and expertise in sport and exercise, and related areas.NUST is the only University pioneering Sports Science degree programmes in Zimbabwe so graduates should expect both challenges and an abundance of unexplored opportunities.Experience in other countries shows potential areas for employment opportunities include:
  • Sports Science consultants with National Sports Agencies.
  • Sports Science advisors with policy making boards in the areas pertaining to health, exercise and fitness
  • Development officers/coaches/administrators with national sports agencies.

Sport and exercise research and development
  • Health and fitness advisors,
  • including fitness testing,
  • exercise prescription,
  • fitness consulting,
  • exercise rehabilitation for specific populations,
  • management of sport and fitness centres and corporate fitness programmes
  • Leisure, recreation and tourism based on sport and exercise activities,
  • Sport journalism and Radio/TV sport product,
  • Research and marketing with sport and exercise manufacturing and other commercial industries (, clothing, footwear, food, drink etc).

College and University teaching and research
Some find employment in areas outside those of sport and exercise. Employers recognise that having undergone a rigorous intellectual training, such graduates have abilities, knowledge and skills, which can be applied in a variety of other fields.