National University of Science & Technology

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Council is the supreme governing body of the university. Its main function is to provide a general policy direction in the running of the institution. It has the ultimate responsibility to ensure that the University's mission and objectives are realized.The standing committees of Council are:

  •     Executive Committee
  •     Finance Committee
  •     Campus Development Committee
  •     Salaries and Conditions of Service Committee
  •     Academic Staff Promotions Committee
  •     Non-Academic Staff Promotions Committee

Council membership consists of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellors, the President of the Student Union, who are ex-official members: and sixteen people appointed by the Minister of Higher Education and Technology, nine people appointed by senate, one representative of each of the following groups: Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Teacher Organizations, Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce, Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers, Youth, Women, Churches, Farmers Unions, Chamber of Mines, Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI), Administrative Staff, Non-Senate Members of the Academic Staff, Workers Committee.

The Chairman of Council is elected amongst the council members.


Academic Authority of the University is vested in the Senate. It has the responsibility of formulating and executing the university' academic policy. This covers admissions, teaching, examinations, programmes of study, conferredment of awards and honors, Research and provides advice to Council the abolition and holding in obeyance of professorial chairs and other academic offices.
The Senate consists of the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellors, Deans of faculties, full Professors, Chairmen of Departments, the Librarian (ex-officio), one member of the permanent teaching staff from each faculty, and six students elected by the Students Union. The Vice-Chancellor is chairman of Senate.
Senate has several committees of which the Academic Board is the principal one.