National University of Science & Technology

"Think In Other Terms"

The planning of the campus started as far back as 1990 with an international company of architects and planners who produced several volumes of briefs for all buildings and facilities. Prior to that a local firm of architects had won an architectural competition to produce a master plan for the whole campus. The briefs were based on the master plan. Although produced more than ten years ago the master plan is still very relevant to the needs of the university although the briefs are amended from time to time.
The original construction period was supposed to run from 1993 to 2002. However due to serious financial constraints, the Government of Zimbabwe could not avail the requisite finances and the building programme is way behind. In fact as we stand only about 15% of the buildings have been occupied. The major challenge facing the departments is ensuring value for money in a very unstable economic environment where budgeting does not make sense. Budgets become outdated very quickly in a hyper inflationary environment. It is in this light that we appeal to donors and friends to come forward and assist us. Our aim is to produce a state of the art campus, the adequately provides space for a university of science and technology.
Good teaching and research can only be properly executed in appropriate space and laboratories. We are indeed proud that the few lecture halls and laboratories that have been done are of the highest standard and suitable for any researcher from anywhere in the world.