NUST collaborates with Uppsala University to enhance technology development

THE National University of Science and Technology recently collaborated with the Uppsala University, in Sweden, to enhance technological developments between these two institutions.

The Technician at Uppsala University, Lollobritta Mushema, was at NUST for two weeks where she came under a European Union (EU) sponsored programme called Erasmus Mundus Exchange Programme, which aims to improve Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS) in developing countries.

Speaking at her farewell event organised by the ICTS department, Moshema said she was looking forward to working with NUST citing how the collaboration will primarily benefit students.

“I see a lot of prospectus that we can work on together. My main concern is the students because they are the ones that make us who we are. So we really need to offer something that is liable to them to achieve their goals since this is a science and technology university,” she said.

The Erasmus Mundus beneficiary said she would write a report on the observations she made and come up with possible areas that need funding. She also touched on some issues that the top management needs to work on to improve service delivery.

She also made a personal donation of eight chairs to the ICTs department which was received with gratitude by  university representatives.  

Moshema has worked with the University of Dar es Salam in Tanzania and Makerere University in Uganda where her involvement brought about the improvement of these universities’ ICTS evidenced by their semi- autonomous function from the main administration in their respective institutions.

The Vice Chancellor of NUST, Professor Mqhele Dlodlo said the University looks forward to more collaborations with Uppsala University as they contribute to the university’s mandate and ultimately to the economic development of the country.  

“We hope that the collaboration can expand, we look forward to better days for the ICTS in particular because that is what the university of science and technology requires on the ground that can help our students and people that use these resources to have the know how to use science and technology to grow the economy because economic development is imperative at the moment,” said Prof. Dlodlo.

NUST is part of the Erasmus Mundus Exchange Programme through the university’s pre-existing science projects with Uppsala University. The programme has three categories which the Director of NUST Research and Innovation Office said the staff and students should consider being involved in through his office.

“The Erasmus Mundus Exchange Programme has the mobility such that people from Sweden can come here and people from our university can also go that side,” said Prof Naik,

“Two members of teaching staff and two members of non-teaching staff are eligible to go to Sweden and participate in an area that they are interested in so that they can learn what they can also do back home. The third category is for students where they can go for one semester for them to have academic and cultural exchange with Sweden,” he added.

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