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The General Academic Regulations of the University provide for the appointment of External Examiners to “moderate all formal examinations” (Regulation 6.4: 2004/2005 Year Book).  The function of External Examiners can be applied as follows:-

To show externally that academic standards of the National University of Science and Technology are comparable with those of the international university community and to ensure that the assessment system is fair and  fairly operated in the marking and classification of candidates;
To act as an independent source of assessment in specialist subjects not only confirming or amending the internal marks but commenting and giving advice on course content, balance and structure, degree programmes on assessment procedures and other matters relative to the programmes; to moderate borderline cases between ‘pass’ and ‘fail’ and between different classes within the marking scheme and to help adjudicate in cases of conflicting marking;
To confer with the appropriate panels of Internal Examiners and assist the panel in preparing recommendations for the appropriate Boards of Examiners.  The External Examiner may, with the concurrence of the Chief Examiner (normally the Chairperson of Department), call any candidate for viva voice examination; to attend, wherever possible, and advise the appropriate Board(s) of Examiners;
The above functions must be carried out with due regard to the University’s General Academic Regulations and Faculty.
Regulations for specific programmes.

Terms of Reference for External Examiners

A complete set of terms of reference is available for download of both Local External Examiners and Foreign External Examiners. These downloads are in pdf format, so you will need acrobat reader which is available as a free download.