National University of Science & Technology

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Undergraduate Programmes
Entry Regulations

Entry to the programme is competitive and in many cases the holding of the minimum requirements will not ensure admission.

Structure of the Programme

The BSc (Hons) Programme requires full time study over a period of four years. A Part is essentially a year of study. Each course is designated as Part I, II, III or IV course.

Part One Courses

IJM 1101 Mass Communication I
IJM 1102 Media and Society I
IJM 1103 Media I: Print And Broadcast
IJM 1104 Journalism I: Foundation Skills
IJM 1105 Introduction to Information Technology
IJM 1106 Introduction to Media Research Methods


IJM 1201 Media Law I
IJM 1202 Media Ethics
IJM 1203 Media Economics and Management
IJM 1204 Journalism II: News
IJM 1205 Media II: Print And Broadcast
IJM 1206 Advanced Information Technology

Part Two Courses

IJM 2101 Comparative Journalism and Global Institutions
IJM 2102 Gender, Class, Race and the Media
IJM 2103 Journalism III: Practical Project
IJM 2104 Broadcast Journalism I