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General Information

The department offers the degrees of M Phil and Ph D by research. Normal entry qualifications are an appropriate Honours degree class 2.1 or better, and thus far no exceptions have been made. Stipulated minimum periods of study are 2 years full-time or 3 years part-time for M Phil, 3 years full-time or 5 years part-time for Ph D. Only in very exceptional circumstances will a candidate be admitted directly to Ph D, but a facility exists to allow a transfer from M Phil to Ph D where appropriate.
A candidate admitted to full-time study has no guarantee of financial support, and none is available at present. However in future the department will do its best to seek suitable scholarships, and will employ candidates as teaching assistants wherever possible. Any such support will be offered on a competitive basis.

M Eng Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

This is a new programme which is expected to start subject to availability of the required number of teaching staff, financial and equipment resources. The programme is directed at graduates in civil and water engineering or related disciplines, who have been in practice for a minimum of 3 years or have strong analytical ability (should have had a minimum of a second class upper honours degree). The aim of the programme is to develop the skills, which will enable participants in the programme to address the complex issues, which are confronting the water sector.

The program will develop problem-solving capabilities in practicing engineers, and acquaint those with strong academic inclinations with skills in advanced computer-aided modelling of water resource systems (research-based projects).

Entry Requirements

A good honours degree in civil/water engineering or related disciplines (e.g. hydrogeology, irrigation engineering, environmental engineering, etc) with a minimum of a second class lower division from an accredited college or university.
Candidate should have been in active practice for a minimum of 3 years.
Candidates who have not fulfilled requirement (ii) should have at least a second class upper honours degree.


To produce engineers who have the expertise in applying current methodologies in handling of water resource and environmental engineering problems.
To create an awareness of the multidisciplinary nature of water resource and environmental issues, requiring an integrated approach involving numerous stakeholders and conflicting interest groups.
To develop new research methodologies in solving water resource and environmental problems.
To harness the power of computer technology in the analysis and design of large-scale water resource and environmental systems.

In some cases, applicants with qualifications that are deemed to be equivalent to the honours award may be admitted into the program under the Special Entry requirement.


The duration for the programme will be for a minimum of two (2) years, and it shall not exceed four (4) years.


The programme shall be run on part time. Teaching of the programme shall be done in a block period of time for a 4-week duration in each semester. The programme shall consist of course work of 6 courses (Part I) which will run for a duration of three semesters, and a Masters thesis (Part II) which will last at least six months. Formal examination will take place at the end of the duration of each course. A student who has successfully completed the taught six (6) courses of Part I of the programme shall be required to submit a written thesis that will have to be defended orally before a panel of academic assessors.