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NUST Applied Physics Society is a society of physics students in the Applies Physics Department at the National University of Science and Technology. NAPS was established on the 13th of September 2004 and adopted the name on the 4th of October the same year.

Aims and Objectives

*To cultivate among members an informed interest in matters of scientific importance as well as bolster an appreciation of the uses and limitations of physical sciences in industry and everyday life.

*To promote physics in general and applied physics in particular as an interesting and enjoyable subject and career possibility.

* To administer the above sated to school going students in attempt to instill genuine interest. This is to be accomplished by

  •     Provision of an open-door policy to the applied physics department and the society.
  •     Provision of a facility that allows the solving of physical problems from industry by the society and department.
  •     Participation in school career days.

* To encourage debate on issues relating to the development of physics in Zimbabwe.
* The establishment of beneficial two-way liaison with industry as well as Applied Physics  graduates.

* To actively participate in solving physical problems in society and industry.
* To publish a newsletter devoted to physics. This may entail:

  •     Inclusion of material from society members, school pupils, and the general public.
  •     Material focusing on up to date discoveries and physical technologies

* Establishment of a physics resources center which may include

  •     Material relevant to physics
  •     Permanent exhibition of fascinating and interesting physics projects by final year students
  •     Electronics Workshop

* Liaison with relevant departments of other universities and physics organization locally and regional.


Membership is open to the following upon payment of an appropriate fee.

* All Applied Physics students at the National University of Science and Technology.
* Former graduates and lecturers of the University as Fellow Members
* All other students of the University and members of staff of the University as Associate       Members
* School clubs from Secondary and High Schools as Affiliates

* Members of the public that are interested in physics as Affiliates

Only Members and Fellow members have voting rights.


The society chooses at most three (3) patrons. These should be people of high professional and social standing. Acceptance of patronship should be done under agreement with the necessary papers (i.e. The Acceptance of Patronship Form) signed by the interested parties. All members of the society present during General Meetings select patrons. A patron is supposed to help in guiding the Society, give advice and help in sourcing funds if possible.

Chairman of the Applied Physics Department is by virtue of the office qualifies to be patron of the Society.

Current Patrons

  • Prof L R Ndlovu
  • Dr D.J Hlatywayo
  • Prof A V Gholap


Members present at the Annual General Meeting must make nomination for elections. If any committee member leaves the Society, the members of the society should elect a member to replace the outgoing committee member.

Present Committee [2005-2006]

    • President: Gift Ruraka
    • Vice President: James Ngoma
    • Secretary: Brian Madzimbamuto
    • Treasurer: Constant Chuma
    • Publicity Officer: Ephraim Mkandawire
    • Ass Publicity Officer: Lwazi B Ncube
    • Organising Secretary: Peter Moyo
    • Ass Organising Sec: Tendai C Gwara
    • Year Reps: Thembani Moyo ;Timothy Kuhamba
  • Past Committee [2004 - 2005]

    • President: Hilary Masenda
    • Vice President: James Ngoma
    • Secretary: Wisdom N Sibanda
    • Treasurer: Nozipho Maphosa
    • Publicity Officer: Tendai C Gwara
    • Ass Publicity Officer: Ephraim Mkandawire
    • Organising Secretary: Electdom Siziba
    • Ass Organising Sec: Busani Bhebhe
    • Year Reps: James Jena ; Thubelihle Tshuma