National University of Science & Technology

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A: Refer to Staff Accommodation Services Provided here.

Q:Where can one find alternative accommodation?
A: Through Estate Agents, please yellow pages of a Bulawayo telephone directory .One can also get information from colleagues through e-mail.

Q:How do I pay for accommodation and meals at the University Guest House?
A:Through the Guest House Staff.

Q:Where can one book for use of the University venues?
A:Through the Central Services Secretary.

Q:Which equipment and utensils can be used or hired for functions? A:Overhead Projector,  Flip Chart, Tea Urn, Tea sets, Water Glasses, Trays, Table Cloths and Over lays.

Q:Are there any photocopying facilities within the University Campus?
A:Yes, for University business there is a centralized photocopier in Central Services. Personal documents can be photocopied at Commerce building