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The Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design (LAUD) is a relatively new department in the Faculty of The Built Environment (FOBE). It introduced its inaugural undergraduate programme, BSc (Honours) Property Development and Estate Management (PDEM)in 2014 and post graduate   programme Masters of Urban Design (MUD)in 2011.The departmental staff members are dedicated and fully engage themselves in teaching, research, publications and community development projects. Theprogrammes which are run by the department are detailed below. 


BSc in Property Development & Estate Management Honours Degree

The Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Property Development and Estate Management (BSc PDEM)Programme is the first of its kind in Zimbabwe.  The programme blends property management with property development while centralizing the legal framework within which property transactions takes place. It covers the property development process in its totality embodying all types of property and their management   aspects. Unavailability of a degree of this nature at the moment in Zimbabwe creates a vacuum within the built environment fraternity. Whilst some of the available courses in the built environment look at the             development process, none is looking at how to deal with the property once the development process has lapsed. This programme is therefore specially designed to fill in this void. Fundamentally, the programme      could not have found a better place than within the Faculty of the Built Environment [FOBE]. It blends well with already established courses within the built environment like quantity surveying and architectural          studies. Nationally, only the University of Zimbabwe through the Department of Rural and Urban Planning has introduced a related programme at undergraduate level: BSc Honours Degree in Real Estate       Management. Otherwise, people who practise in the property industry are either diploma holders obtained from HEXCO and The Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe or have attained degrees in this field from outside      Zimbabwe. Therefore, besides complementing training offered by the identified local institutions, the BSc PDEM will give an opportunity to our society to develop graduates of the right stature with requisite skills, expertise and knowledge to deal with real property challenges some of which have been a common feature in local newspapers. Besides enrolling post A’ level students, the programme will also offer opportunities for diploma holders to attain degrees in their chosen profession. More importantly, the programme has a wide market given the wide spectrum of the real property industry stretching from central government, local       authorities, financial institutions and the property developers. ... READ MORE

Master of Urban Design 

Urban Design is a new phenomenon which deals with the urban microform at the macro-scale. The focus is on the shaping of various pieces of urban land at macro-scale and with spaces between them at micro-scale levels.  It also deals with designing and construction of urban elements.  In this regard, this programme aims at educating students with a background in town planning; architecture and other related disciplines in The Built Environment field.  The main objective is to develop theoretical frameworks that will be used in practice and develop urban landscapes. Urban Design is responsible for the creation of great urban centres, world heritage cites, landmarks, skylines, street furniture, transport and energy systems, defensible open spaces and environmental ambience. Therefore this programme seeks to capacitate urban developers and     managers with the necessary skills and technology to introduce, design and manage urban services.  For instance the focus will be on the sound provision and management of housing units, energy supplies, water        and sewer reticulation systems, transport networks, storm water drains, communication and recreational  facilities, public lighting, corridor, attraction centres and service buildings.  The programme will further equip urban developers and managers with the Research, Training and Development (RT&D) techniques to keep themselves abreast with urban environmental changes.  It also deals with a number of cross cutting issues       like urban agriculture, climate change, urban sociology and urban disaster management, land economics and Urban Design Information Systems (UDIS) as well as sustainable SMART cities. ...READ MORE