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"Think In Other Terms"

Welcome to the Department of Library and Information Science. This is one of the latest department to be added at the university and it is expected to grow into a formidable department in a few years to come. The Department was inaugurated in August 2000 with a staff complement of one professor and four lecturers and a student intake of 17. NUST is the first University to offer a degree programme in the field of library and information science in Zimbabwe.After four years of intensive study which include one year of industrial attachment students graduate with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Library and Information ScienceThe Department is an active centre for teaching and learning, which are supported by extensive laboratory practicals with Internet, multimedia and desktop publishing.Staff are actively involved in the professional development of librarianship and information science at local, regional and international levels and the Department has links with many national and international organisations

Departmental VisionThe aims of the Department are to:1. Produce Librarians for the libraries and other information centers in the country and the region.2. Produce graduates who will fit in the world of IT.3. Provide students an opportunity to do further research and study in the field of information science.

Departmental Staff