National University of Science & Technology

"Think In Other Terms"

1) A researcher or inventor at NUST can approach the Director of Techno  park for the purpose of making an Invention Disclosure arising from his/her research findings – i.e. Intellectual Property (IP), or invention. Alternatively, the inventor(s )/ researcher(s) can choose to go and make the Disclosure to the Director of Research and Innovation, which is one of the Departments of NUST

2) NUST-Technopark upholds absolute confidentiality and treats Disclosures of Inventions in accordance with articles contained in Chapter 4 of the NUST Intellectual Property Policy (IPP).

3) NUST-Technopark has the capacity to assist the inventor(s) /researcher(s) in drafting the claim that substantiates the application for IP registration at the appropriate office of the Zimbabwe Intellectual property Office (ZIPO). The inventor (s)/researcher(s)’ application could be for a patent, a copyright, a utility model, etc.

4) Further to the foregoing services, NUST-Technopark spearheads the efforts for commercialization of inventions and innovations developed at NUST by identifying industrial partners that have both the capacity and interest to adopt and utilize the inventor’s invention or innovation.

5) NUST Technopark facilitates and harmonizes the Consultancy activities of NUST staff by:
a) Helping to assemble teams with requisite expertise so as to ensure delivery of effective and quality service to the client.
b) Advancing funds – on a full recovery basis – to cover front-end expenses for the Consultant/team of Consultants.

6) NUST-Technopark facilitates, and occasionally identifies, tender bids ventured into by NUST staff. NUST-Technopark also assists in drafting Contract Documents.

7) NUST-Technopark conducts outreach activities as a way of building bridges and partnerships with Industrial and Commercial organizations in the country. NUST-Technopark houses the Industrial Liaison Officer ( ILO), whose key function is Industrial/Commercial Liaison for the University.