Zimbabwe Journal of Science & Technology

Filling the gap between theory and practice

Volume 11 (2016)

Assessment of Terrestrial 40k, 238u And 232th Activities in Soil Within the Basement Complex Terrain of West Central Part of Nigeria Nwankwo and Olubo
Centralised Incubator Control System Mtunzi et al
Virial Coefficients of Ethane from a Quadrupolar Site-Site Potential Function Monago and Otobrise
Antimicrobial Activities of Acalypha Wilkesiana (Red Acalypha) Extracts in Some Selected Skin Pathogens Iyekowa et al
Modified Pena's Measure for Detecting Influential Observations in Biased Estimators Adewale et al
Application of 3-D Euler Deconvolution Technique to Aeromagnetic Data of Ilorin and Osi, Northcentral Nigeria Lawal et al
Determination of Benzoic Acid Derivatives and Lignans Compositions of the Leaves of Sansevieria Senegambica Baker Ikewuchi et al
Distribution and Seasonal Variations of Selected Heavy Metals in Seawater from Cape Town Harbour of Western Cape Province, Republic of South Africa Okoro et al
Groundwater Potential of Some Parts of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria Olawuyi and Katchy
Enhanced bioremediation of soil artificially contaminated with crude oil using box behnken experimental design Omodele et al
Tear Production in Premenopausal Women During Menstrual Cycle Shuaibu and Agoreyo
Field Programmable Gate Array Based Variable Speed Drive for a Three-Phase Induction Machine Bebova et al
Modeling and Simulation of Automatic Generation Control System for Synchronous Generator with Model Predictive Controller Orosun et al
Natural Radionuclide Concentrations and Radiological Impact Assessment of Soil and Water in Tanke-Ilorin, Nigeria Orosun et al
Toxicity potential of the emitted aerosols from open burning of scrap tyres.Sulaymon et.al
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