Master of Science in Eco-Tourism and Biodiversity Conservation

Master of Science in Eco-Tourism and Biodiversity Conservation

Offered in Block Release
  • 2 YearsCourse Duration
  • PostgraduateSkill level
  • $8553.00


The FRWM Department also offers a Master of Science Degree Programme in Eco-tourism and Biodiversity Conservation for Natural Sciences and Tourism post-graduates, the background education and practical skills to become stakeholders in the fast growing eco-tourism industry.

The course emphasizes aspects of ecology, tourism, law, business and environmental management, as well as developing professional level practical skills in tourism marketing, report writing, environmental and social assessment, scientific research and analysis. The scope of the programme is based on local, regional and international experiences, and teaching will be delivered by means of lectures, case studies, tutorials, field visits and a research project.

The programme aims at developing an understanding of the advanced principles in the fields of eco-tourism and biodiversity conservation.

The MSc Degree programme is particularly suited to enhanced employment prospects in the environment and tourism sector which requires staff to have a higher degree.

The programme will enable students to become competent in experimentation, in-depth research, analysis and generate interpretive technical reports in an industrial or academic environment. This knowledge will enable them to find practical solutions of real problems in applied Eco-tourism and Biodiversity Conservation.

To be considered for admission to the programme, applicants should normally hold a minimum of a Lower Second Class (2.2) Honours degree in Life Sciences with a significant biological content.


The MSc Degree Programme shall normally be offered on Full-Time or Block Release and the degree shall be awarded after successfully completing eight (8) taught courses and a research project. Contact time for each taught course shall be 60 hours.

Full-Time Programme
The programme shall normally be offered on full-time basis over a period of eighteen (18) months divided into three semesters. The first two semesters shall comprise Part I and students shall be expected to complete all taught courses by the end of second semester. The third semester shall comprise Part II and students shall carry out a Research Project leading to a dissertation.

Students shall normally take four (4) taught courses per semester.

Block Release Programme
When the programme is offered on Block Release it shall run over a period of twenty four (24) months.

The programme shall be divided into two parts. Part I shall normally comprise of six (6) taught courses spread over two (2) blocks, each comprised of three weeks. Part II shall comprise of two (2) blocks and a student shall normally take two (2) taught courses over the first block of two weeks and shall be expected to commence his/her Research Project. The second block of Part II shall normally be dedicated entirely to the Research Project.

Students who graduate with the Master of Science Degree Programme in Eco-tourism and Biodiversity Conservation may be absorbed in some of the following organisations:

  • Tourism industry
  • National Parks and Wildlife
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Research


EFW 5101Principles of Eco-Tourism
EFW 5102   Biodiversity Conservation
EFW 5103Strategic Environmental Management
EFW 5104   Plant and Animal Taxonomy


EFW 5201   Tourism Policy and Development
EFW 5202     Strategic Tourism Marketing
EFW 5203     Behavioural Ecology of Mammals, Birds and Insects
EFW 5204     Research Methods


EFW 6001       Dissertation

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