Prof. Hilton Ndagurwa

Prof. Hilton Ndagurwa

Chairperson, Lecturer - Forest Resources & Wildlife Man

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Office: SW131

Extension: 2232


PhD, MSc, BSc

Plant Ecology; Aquatic ecology; Animal Ecology; Plant-Soil interactions


Publications by Dr. Hilton G. Ndagurwa

 Kawanza S, Ndagurwa HGT, Chateya RJ & Muvengwi J (2019) Jointed cactus Opuntia aurantiaca modifies soil nutrient concentrations, grass species assemblage and biomass yield in a savanna rangeland. Acta Oecologica (in press)

Muvengwi J, Mbiba M, Mabaya Y, Nyakudya IW & Ndagurwa HGT (2018) Structure, soil properties and spatial patterning of mounds built by a soil feeding termite across a rainfall gradient in a savanna ecosystem. Pedobiologia 71: 3140.

Francis B, Pepler D & Ndagurwa HGT (2018). Woody species diversity and surface soil nutrients in an Opuntia fulgida Engelm invaded semi-arid savanna rangeland of south-west Zimbabwe. In: Africa at a crossroads: The continent’s future 50 years after the formation of the Organization of African Unity/African Union. Mutanga S, Simelane T, Gumbo T & Mujuru M (Eds). Africa Institute of South Africa, Pretoria, pp. 823.

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