Dr. Jahalamajaha Malunguza

Dr. Jahalamajaha Malunguza

Research Fellow - Applied Mathematics

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Website: http://www.nust.ac.zw

Office: AF8

Extension: 2437

Email: noble.malunguza@nust.ac.zw

DPhil in Applied Mathematics, MSc in Industrial Mathematics (NUST), BComm Honours Actuarial Science (NUST), Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (NUST)

Disease Modelling


Publications by Dr. Jahalamajaha N. Malunguza

Malunguza N., Tchuenche J. M., Mukandavire Z. and Hove-Musekwa S. D., The mathematical properties of a two-strain HIV/AIDS model and the effect of superinfection, Advances in  Disease Epidemiology, 171-194, (2009).

Zindoga Mukandavire, Noble J. Malunguza, Christinah Chiyaka, Gesham Magombedze, Godfrey Musuka, Assessing the effects of homosexuals and bisexuals on the intrinsic dynamics of HIV/AIDS in heterosexual settings, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 49, 1869-1882, (2009);

Malunguza N J, Hove-Musekwa S D, Musuka G, Mukandavire Z., Investigating alcohol consumption as a risk factor for HIV transmission in heterosexual settings in sub-Saharan African communities, Bull Math Biol., 74(9), 2094-124, (2012)

Malunguza N., Chiyaka C., Mushayabasa S., Mukandavire Z, Modelling the effects of condom use and antiretroviral therapy in controlling HIV/AIDS heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, Computational Methods in Medicine, (2009).

Mukandavire Z., Malunguza N., Tchuenche J. M.,, Chiyaka C., HIV/AIDS model assessing the effects of gender-inequality affecting women in African heterosexual settings, International Journal of Biomathematics, (2009).

E. Lungu, T. J. Massaro, E. Ndelwa, N. Ainea, S. Chibaya, N. J. Malunguza, Mathematical Modelling of the HIV/Kaposi’s Sarcoma Coinfection Dynamics in Areas of High HIV Prevalence,  Comput Math Methods Med, (2013).