Dr. Masilin Gudoshava

Dr. Masilin Gudoshava

Lecturer - Applied Mathematics

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Website: http://www.nust.ac.zw


Email: masilin.gudoshava@nust.ac.zw

PhD in Atmospheric Sciences, MSc in Industrial Mathematics (NUST), BSc Honours in Applied Mathematics (NUST), Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (NUST)

Regional Climate Modeling, Environmental Statistics, Spatial Statistics, Time series Analysis


Publications by Dr. Masilin Gudoshava

Yahya, K., K. Wang, M. Gudoshava, T. Glotfelty, Y. Zhang, 2014, Application of WRF/Chem over North America under the AQMEII Phase 2: Part I. Comprehensive evaluation of 2006 simulation, Atmos. Environ.,

Semazzi F., B. Liu, L. Xie, K. Smith, M. Angus, M. Gudoshava, R. Argent, X. Sun, S. Liess, A. Bhattacharya, Decadal Variability of the Eastern Africa Monsoon, CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue on Monsoons 2014