Mr. Khulekani Sibanda

Mr. Khulekani Sibanda

Lecturer : Computer Science

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MSc.; BSc. (Hons.), NUST


Research interests include inter alia, Data mining, Business intelligence, Data Analytics, IoT


Publications by Mr. Khulekani Sibanda 

Nyathi,T.,Dube,S.,& Sibanda, K. (2012).e-Diabetic dietary system for the rural community: 5th International Conference on Appropriate Technology(South Africa)

Nyathi,T.,Dube,S.,Sibanda, K.,& Mutunhu.,B(2013)Poultry Contractual farming decision support system:IST-Africa Conference and Exhibition (IST-Africa), 2013  (Kenya) [2 of 4]

Dube, S., Ndlovu, S., Nyathi, T., & Sibanda, K. (2015). QR code based patient medical health records transmission: Zimbabwean case.Proceedings of Informing Science & IT Education Conference (InSITE) 2015,520-521(USA)

Workshops & Conferences


IST-Africa 2013

High Performance Computing training, ZCHPC  Harare Zimbabwe