Institutional Research And Quality Management


Dr. Nduduzo Phuthi - Director

Dr Nduduzo Phuthi is the inaugural Director for the Institutional Research and Quality Management Unit at the National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe, since July 2020. He is the former founding Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Education at NUST from 2014 to 2020. Prior to that he was Chairman of the Department of Technical Teacher Education, having been lecturer in the same department for over twelve years, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in science and technology education and supervising student research projects in the same areas. In previous years he taught in primary, secondary and high schools in Zimbabwe, and lectured at the Bulawayo Polytechnic, thus acquiring vast experience in science and technology learning, teaching and teacher education across the local education system. In his professional career path, Dr Phuthi developed an avid interest in the application of technology in education, enabling him to embrace technology-enhanced strategies into university systems.

  • PhD (Assessment & Quality Assurance in Higher Education &Training); University of Pretoria; 2008-12
  • MSc (Science Education); Curtin University of Technology, Australia; 1996-8
  • PGrad Dip (Educational Technology); University of Zimbabwe; 1991-92
  • BEd (Biology and Education); University of Zimbabwe; 1988
  • T3 Teachers’ Certificate (Junior); United College of Education; 1976-78
  • Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor - NUST (July 2018)
  • Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology Education - NUST
  • Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Bulawayo Polytechnic
  • Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture 
  • Computer literacy
  • Online learning delivery and management
  • Statistics and data analysis
  • Communication and report writing
  • Programme planning and development
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Strategic planning and management
  • Line management and supervision
Research Interests
  • Information and communication technologies (ICTs) in education, online and blended learning;
  • Post-school training strategies and outcomes in science and technology for development;
  • Society’s benefits from school science programmes and curricula,
  • Community/industry-education partnerships,
  • The convergence of education and technology;
  • Assessment procedures and test development for college and university education;
  • Constructivism and science conceptions for non-western learners;
  • The impact and benefits of teaching some biology concepts at high school and university levels,
  • Management of education and leadership development.
Research Publications
  1. Phuthi, N. and Molwane, O. B. (2012)E-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Design and Technology Courses: Action Learning at the University of Botswana. Zimbabwe Journal of Science and Technology. Vol 7, MS. 1.
  2. Phuthi, N., Kumar, K L & Molwane O. B. (2010). A Quasi-Linear Model Of Design CognitionJournal of College Teaching & Learning (TLC).Vol 7, No 11
  3. Phuthi, N. Sibanda, I. M., Gundani, M. P. D., Matope, S. & Parekh, C. T. (2009). Needs-based knowledge processing through university-community partnerships: higher education inroads into rural community development in Zimbabwe. In H. Eggins (Ed). Selected papers on Sharing Research Agendas on Knowledge systems. Occasional Paper No. 16. UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge, Chapter 6, pp 66 – 76, Paris.
  4. Phuthi, N. and Sibanda A. J. P. (2011). Education, Training and Management Challenges in Sustainable Natural Resources Harvesting and Materials Processing in Rural Communities, Zimbabwe Journal of Science and Technology, Special Issue, Ms. 2. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
  5. Phuthi, N. and Letsatsi, M. L. (2008). Indigenous Design and Production Entrepreneurship: Sector Performance Audits and Proactive Support. University of Botswana.
  • Southern African Universities Learning and Teaching (SAULT) Forum
  • Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of Southern Africa
  • Southern Africa Nordic Centre (SANORD)
  • SARUA Curriculum Innovation Network (SCIN)
  • Education Advisory Committee, Brethren in Christ Church
  • University of Matopo Trust, Brethren in Christ Church
  • Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development (NORHED II), Transformative inclusive higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa for sustainable development (TIHESSA).

Departmental Staff

Mr Boniface Bwanyire (Quality Management Officer)
Boniface Bwanyire, a Public Management expert, who was Deputy Director at the School of Diplomacy and International Relations (SDIR), Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU), Addis Ababa; Programme Coordinator at the Institute for Peace and Security Studies (IPSS) at Addis Ababa University; Programme Manager of the Urban Management Masters Programme at the Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU) and Principal Lecturer at Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic has in excess of three decades professional experience in education, training and capacity-building in diverse fields of professional practice and development, ranging from teacher education, urban development and management, peace and security, diplomacy and international relations as well as governance and development. He holds the Master of Business Administration in Public Administration (MBA) degree from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe; the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in International Politics, History and Communication from the University of South Africa (UNISA); the Post-Graduate Diploma in Media and Technology from the University of Zimbabwe (UZ); the Certificate in Education from the UZ; Group Diploma in Marketing from London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) as well as the Group Diploma in Public Relations from the Christian College of Southern Africa’s School of Journalism and Communications.  He has lectured in a wide range of disciplines including Theories and Practices of Diplomacy and International Relations; Urban Governance and Management; Democracy and Development; Special Research Methods in Diplomacy & International Relations; Urban Social Development and Poverty Alleviation, Local Economic and Social Development, Gender and Sustainable Urban Development, Philosophy and History of Education and Professional Studies.  Passionate about sustainable public sector management and holistic socio-economic development in Africa, his current professional focus is Quality Assurance in higher education.

Vacant Posts

  1. Senior Secretary (Post yet to be filled) 



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