The Faculty of Environmental Science

The Faculty of Environmental Science was Established in 2002 though it only became operational in July 2022. During these years, the Faculty of Applied Science surrogated the two Departments in Existence under the Dormant Faculty, i.e., the Department of Environmental Science and Health and the Department of Forest Resources and Wildlife Management. The activation of the Faculty in 2022 gave birth to new departments, and the Faculty now has four departments, namely:

a) Environmental Health,
b) Environmental Science,
c) Geospatial Sciences and
d) Forestry Resources and Wildlife Management.

The Faculty aims to offer programs and services that would culminate in the improvement of management of natural resources while reducing human and animal conflict, thus resulting in the comprehensive management of health through careful consideration of environmental factors. The Faculty seeks to add value to the Heritage-based education 5.0 approach by training a graduate that can craft context-based solutions to community problems countrywide and globally. The Faculty has introduced competitive and relevant programs in training a graduate pertinent to addressing the community needs of the 21st century.

established in


Department of Environmental Science

  • E-waste project from the Internet Society (Zimbabwe Chapter), research grant of US$1000.00, Gold prize for the best business idea (US500.00) 
  • Rotary Club Shield – for participation in raising environmental awareness around Hillside Dams in Bulawayo

Up Coming Events

Department of Environmental Science 

  • Launch of a Master’s degree in Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

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