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Dr. Peter Nkala

Message from the Executive Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, formerly the Faculty of Commerce and one of three oldest Faculties at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST)!!. The other two are Industrial Technology and Applied Sciences. This Faculty was established in 1991 and currently comprises 6 departments, Accounting Sciences, Banking & Economic Sciences, Business Management Sciences, Finance and Fiscal Sciences, Actuarial, Insurance & Risk Management Sciences as well as Marketing and Consumer Sciences. The Faculty also houses the Graduate School of Business Sciences and the Institute of Development Sciences. The Faculty offers eight (8) four-year undergraduate and twelve (12) postgraduate programmes across various units.  Over the years, the Faculty has contributed positively to the local and international visibility of the University translating into greater acceptance of students in commerce and industry both pre and post-graduation. The mere size of the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences forms a strong basis for financial survival and sustainability of the University.  The Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences programmes have less demand on teaching and learning equipment and are in most cases amenable to online teaching that does not require buildings and classroom furniture in comparison with other faculties. The Business and Economics sciences discipline remains a relevant business model of the NUST under the Education 5.0 philosophy and represents Strategic Business Units (SBUs) comprising specialist consultancy hubs typical of commerce and industry settings.  The Faculty’s consultancy strategic business unit (SBU) taps from the accounting, banking, finance, insurance, marketing, human resources, strategic management and development science as well as other resident expertise. The consolidated position with the other faculties across the university creates an integrated one-stop business model covering all business sectors.  The stemitised Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences ensures the production of graduates with critical thinking, analytical, problem solving, innovation, collaboration, communication, customer orientation, adaptability and social responsibility skills.   The Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences cascades some of the skills such as communication, entrepreneurship, customer orientation social responsibility and balance to other faculties across the University. These business and economics disciplines are critical contributors to industrialization through human capacity development of public and private sectors’ strategic management professional decision-makers at the highest levels.  Business and economics science completes the commerce and industry value chain as asserted by Sparks in 2012 who noted that “from a bottom line perspective, the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences can partner with industry to commercialize nanotechnology research and innovations and thus help bridge the "valley of death", that is, the gap period in capital financing that exists between research and the market adoption of new technologies”. Whether you have chosen to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate programme in any unit under the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences, congratulations for making that right decision as we will help you “Think in Other Terms” as you pursue your dream to conquer the digital world in the Fourth Industrial Revolution!!!

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