Research and Internationalisation Office (RIO)

The unit is located in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor. The Office spearheaded the formation of research clusters so as to encourage the development of multidisciplinary research projects and identify potential collaborators and mentors, particularly for young researchers. The Office assists researchers at NUST in a variety of ways; its mandates are listed below. 
To foster a culture of collaborative and innovative research at the National University of Science and Technology that facilitates the production of socially relevant solutions and knowledge transfer.
To be a reputable centre of excellence in research and innovation for sustainable development 
  • To develop a research and innovation strategic plan for NUST
  • To develop a University-wide and focused research culture and agenda for NUST
  • To identify and exploit alternative sources of funding for research conducted by NUST researchers
  • To build capacity in proposal development, project implementation and report writing (including publishing in peer reviewed journals)
  • To develop a university-wide mentoring programme for junior academic staff.
  • To manage the Research Board.

We Offer Support for the Following:

Research Board Funding

The Research Board assists and promotes Research activities at the National University of Science ...

National Funding

National Grant Funding for the projects done by NUST researchers since 2014 have ...

International Funding

For the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, the Faculty of Applied Sciences has had ...

Researcher Development

Postgrad Funding

Postgraduate funding at NUST for academics can be obtained from the Human Resources ...

STARS Blended Learning

NUST is one of 12 universities from seven countries across Africa that is participating in  ...