Research Board Funding

The Research Board assists and promotes Research activities at the National University of Science and Technology and thus acts as a conduit between the Bursar’s Department and Academics regarding funding. It provides Funds for Research and Travel Grants connected with Research and participation at National and International Conferences. Research board funding is categorised into Block Allocation, Research Grants, Travel Grants, and Collaborative research Grant.

For the Faculty of Applied Sciences, in 2014, the Research Board approved 12 grants worth US$68 096.39; while in 2015, 18 applications were approved worth US$38 949.68; with 14 grants worth US$64 991.00 approved in 2016. The Faculty of Applied Sciences has had the highest number of applications over the years and has been awarded the highest amount of the Research Grant Vote, followed by the Faculty of Commerce. For the Faculty of Commerce, in 2014, the Research Board approved 11 grants worth US$43 619.19, with 4 grants worth US$14 813.00 approved for 2015, while in 2016, 2 grants worth US$ 6780 were approved. Over the 3 years the highest number of grants approved for:
  1. The Faculty of Communication and Information Sciences have been awarded 4 grants in 2016, worth US$13 421.00, with only 3grant applications in 2014 and 2 grants in 2015
  2. The Faculty of Industrial Technology have been awarded 3 grants in 2014 worth US$14 738, with single grant applications for 2015 and 2016
  3. The Faculty of Medicine has had 1 grant application in 2015 worth US$5000 and in 2016 worth US$3961 with no grant application in 2014
  4. The Faculty of Science and Technology Education has had 1 grant application in 2015 worth US$ 4960 and has not had grant applications in 2014 and 2016.
  5. The Faculty of the Built Environment has had only 2 grant applications in 2016 worth US$8770 and has had no research grant applications in 2014 and 2015.