JournalRelated Output

Publication outputs from the Faculty of Applied Sciences have been more pronounced over the years with 77 publications in 2014, 40 publications in 2015 and 33 publications in 2016. The Faculties of Commerce, Communication and Information Science, and Industrial Technology have also been visible in the publication scene with Commerce having 27 publications in 2014, followed by 12 in 2015 with a drop in 2016. Communication and Information Science had 2 publications in 2014 but steadily increasing in 2015 and in 2016 and the Faculty of Industrial Technology has had almost similar publication rates as the Faculty of CIS. The Faculties of Medicine, Science and Technology Education and Built Environment have had poor publication rates since 2014 to date. Total publications for 2014 were 112, while there were 87 publications in 2015, with a decline in 2016 with 49 publications.