International Funding Opportunities

For the years 2014, 2015 and 2016, the Faculty of Applied Sciences has had 3 different projects funded by the International Sciences Program (ISP) with the highest funding valued at US$50 000 and the 4th project was funded by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The faculty of Commerce received external grant funding for 3 different projects with the highest funding received from the European Union worth US$60 000. Other funders included Mennonite Central Committee (Canada) and the Netherlands Development Organisation and Ingwebu Breweries. The Faculty of Medicine has had 2 projects internationally funded with the highest funding received from the Duke foundation (USA Grassroots soccer) worth US$21 518, the other funder was Barclays Bank International (UK Grassroots soccer).The faculty of CIS has had a single project from the Department of Publishing which received funding from the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation in Netherlands worth US$2 614. In 2016, the Faculty of Industrial Technology had 2 projects which received funding from Austria Development Agency and the Royal Academy of Engineering with the highest grant worth US$42353. The major external funder in 2016 was the US Embassy which funded the American Corner project (US$140 00.00). There were no externally funded projects to the Faculties of The Built Environment and Technology Education.