Current Faculties Research Interests Research Interests

The university has seven faculties each of which has several departments that offer a variety of degree programmes at undergraduate and post graduate levels. All taught degree programmes contain a component involving a research project. The university also offers higher degrees (MPhil and PhD) that are based entirely on a research project. Besides the multidisciplinary research interests in the clusters, there are also a variety of research interests within the faculties

Applied Sciences

  • Biotechnology (Biofuels, gene flow, biosafety, biodiversity)
  • Ecology (interaction of flora and fauna)
  • Environmental toxicology (pesticides and metals)
  • Mathematical modeling of disease (AIDS, malaria, TB)

Built Environment

  • Architecture of tourism sites
  • Bioclimatic approach to architecture
  • Cultural expression of architecture
  • Ecological sustainable architecture


  • Agricultural technologies and sustainable livelihoods
  • Customer care in marketing products
  • Ethics and corporate governance in financial sector
  • Impact of economic meltdown on savings
  • Performance of financial markets

Communication & Information Science

  • Communication for development
  • Electronic publication of textbooks
  • Records management to drive an information society
  • Use of radio for communication in rural areas


  • Alternative energy sources (wind, solar and biofuels)
  • Embedded electronic systems
  • Industrial and manufacturing engineering (operations management)
  • Minerals benefaction
  • Natural dyes and fibres for textiles
  • Water resources and management


  • HIV/AIDS and TB (clinical aspects)
  • Neonatal disorders
  • Nutritional diseases
  • Parasitic diseases