Fundraising & Giving

“Fundraising is the noble art of teaching people the pleasure of giving”
“People do not give to people.They give to people with causes.”
“They give to people who ask on behalf of causes.” - G. Papaconstantinou

The objective of the NUST fundraising initiative is to mobilize funds through our strategic partnerships in order to deliver on our Vision and Mission Statement.

The aims of the fundraising initiatives are to benefit in:

  1. Creating and sustaining an environment conducive to effective learning, teaching and productivity.
  1. Widening and deepening access to higher education.
  2. Making innovative use of different modern teaching and learning methods.
  3. Expanding and modernization of resources.
  4. Strengthening quality assurance mechanisms.


To be the most relevant partner to our philanthropy base and be able to deliver on our mandate to help shape the tradition of excellence.


To contribute positively to the welfare of the students and staff and ensuring that ‘best practice’ is achieved at all times.

To our Country Man: We ask what role they can play to ensure that the funding of the university is a success?

To our Friends and Partners: We say a good solid house has all the bricks laid by a hand and the depth of the foundation of any high building is seen by the height of the building. Let us build together.


Will be expected under the following terms:

  1. In cash or kind for Construction Projects : learning material, building materials and assets relating to science and technology.
  1. For student bursaries: Financial support, Loans and Scholarships.
  2. For the Plant and Equipment donations: mechanical, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, computer technology and laboratory equipment.
  1. Bequests are also accepted.

Thank you for deciding to support the National University of Science and Technology.  By making a donation, you will be helping us excel and grow as a centre of excellence.

To give financially see below our banking details, once the donation has been processed email your proof of payment together with the cause for your donation to


  • Acc Name: National University of Science and Technology
  • Bank: FBC Bank
  • Acc #: 3120 2163 50235
  • Branch: Jason Moyo