Mrs Monica Matema - Acting Senior Assistant Registrar

Central Services provides support services to all departments in the University. These services include: Cleaning,Photocopying, Fax, Telephone, Booking of Centralized venues and Purchasing of Protective Clothing. This section is headed by the Assistant Registrar who reports to the University’s Registrar.

Our Vision
Central Service's vision is that its services provision be developed to suit the Technological Environment the Section operates from.

Mission Statement
To ensure smooth and effective functioning of all the University departments and sections by effectively and efficiently carrying out the support services.

  • To provide adequate and suitable accommodation to the appropriate University Academic Members of Staff.
  • To provide quality cleaning services to the University premises.
  • To book, equip and appropriately set venues for various meetings.
  • To provide efficient Telephone, Photocopying, Mail and Fax services to all the University Departments.

Services Offered

Occupation of the University Rented Houses/Flats is covered by Lease Agreements. Staff pay Rent Deposit on occupation. Rentals for Houses/Flats exclude water and electricity bills, which tenants settle separately. Rentals from staff rented housing units are directly deducted from the staff members’ monthly salary and deposited into Landlord’s accounts. tenants are responsible for payment of the breakages that occur during their stay. When vacating the housing units, the tenants have to leave them in a clean state. All electricity and water bills should be paid up.
All the University Departments are to advise their recruited lecturers of the availability of accommodation and the market rates rentals in liaison with this Section and Estate Agents. This Section enters into Lease Agreements for unfurnished housing units only. This is done to avoid situations where the University would have to incur costs for damaged or broken Landlord’s furniture.

Period of notice of vacation is strictly three calendar months by either the tenant or the University. Entry and exit inspections are done to housing units where the Section would have signed the Lease Agreement. With effect from November 2002, a six monthly evaluation of Staff Rented Housing Units only covered by the University lease agreement will be conducted. Staff members in this category will be notified. They are also free to forward appropriate dates to Central Services so as to expedite the exercise before the rush close to examination period.
The Section assist the University Academic Members of Staff under the following categories listed below

  •     Category A Expatriate Staff where the University has a contractual obligation to provide accommodation.
  •     Category B Zimbabweans recruited from outside the country, provided the accommodation is available on their arrival.
  •     Category C Staff Development Fellows recruited from outside Bulawayo and spent a few months at NUST before embarking on their studies. Treatment will be as for Category B.
  •     Category D Staff Development Fellows recruited from Bulawayo or those who relocate to Bulawayo and spend a year teaching at NUST will be assisted with accommodation at market rate if they approach the Accommodation Office. Staff Development Fellows are assisted with accommodation for a maximum period of six months.
  •     Category E Zimbabwean Staff, other than Staff Development Fellows, recruited from outside Bulawayo may be assisted with accommodation at Market Rates, if they approach the Accommodation Office
  •     Category F Other Zimbabwean Staff recruited from Bulawayo shall be treated as in Category D
University Guest House
NUST Guest House is located in the Bulawayo Khumalo Suburb on number 12 Kerr Road. Telephone number +263-9-234015. It has a staff compliment of 3 (Senior cook, Caretaker and Cleaner). The premises are durawalled and there is a 24 hour security coverage from a private security company.
It is a five bedroomed housing unit with one ensuite. This is accommodation available for a very short stay at most one week for expatriates and three days for those recruited from within Zimbabwe. Part-time lecturers and External Examiners also use the house.
Accommodation charges are per night and meals are charged separately. Telephone services are paid in cash. The house is within close reach to the main Campus. Members are being urged to make use of this facility as the room rates and cost of meals are far below the market rate yet the services, facilities and meals are such that one cannot afford to miss. For more details please contact us.

Mail Service
The section is responsible for the receipt and dispatch of the University Mail. As such, all outgoing mail must bear a departmental stamp. All mail must be correctly addressed showing the name of the receiver and department to avoid delay when trying to trace the receiver.
All outgoing and incoming registered articles are recorded before dispatch.

Faxing and photocopying services
The Section is responsible for receiving, recording and dispatching all faxes to the relevant departments. Fax number is 263-9-286803. It also provides photocopying services to the University.Conference, seminars and meeting facilities.

Q:Where can one find alternative accommodation? 
A: Through Estate Agents, please yellow pages of a Bulawayo telephone directory .One can also get information from colleagues through e-mail.

Q:How do I pay for accommodation and meals at the University Guest House? 
A:Through the Guest House Staff.

Q:Where can one book for use of the University venues?
A:Through the Central Services Secretary.

Q:Which equipment and utensils can be used or hired for functions? A:Overhead Projector,  Flip Chart, Tea Urn, Tea sets, Water Glasses, Trays, Table Cloths and Over lays.

Q:Are there any photocopying facilities within the University Campus?
A:Yes, for University business there is a centralized photocopier in Central Services. Personal documents can be photocopied at Commerce building

Departmental Staff